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Delivering what developers are dreaming about – painless solution for building Dynamics NAV reports.

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Dynamics NAV Report Designer

The biggest challenge for developers is to make the NAV RDLC reports process quick and easy. Simplanova Report Designer delivers what developers are dreaming about. RDLC report designer – just in one NAV page.

Forget Visual Studio!


Simplanova has used its long expertise in creating and customizing Dynamics NAV reports to develop Simplanova Report Designer. By using this tool, developers are able to develop RDLC reports in RTC client without using any external software. The tool helps reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks and eliminate the risk of human error.


You will no longer need specialist skills to design reports. Instead, you are able to develop customized RDLC reports quickly and easily with a process that is as simple and intuitive as the original Classic approach.

Why Simplanova Report Designer?

Native Nav
Native Nav

Native NAV Report Format (RDLC)

No Licence Fees
No Licence Fees

No yearly license fees for running the reports

Free From SRD
Free From SRD

Reports can be simply moved to a solution which has not got SRD installed

No External Software
No External Software

No external software needed. SRD main working environment is in one NAV page


Simple and intuitive process as the original Classic approach

Time Saving
Time Saving

Up to 92% time save for RDLC report building

Simple Workflow
Simple Workflow

The best workflow features, used from all Dynamics NAV platforms

What Our Customers Say

I liked that SRD doesn’t require the client to purchase anything additional. Once the reports are created, they can be modified by the client using the standard RDLC tools or they can be modified by the consultant using the Simplanova Report Designer.

Mark Keener

LLC consultant, implementer and developer, The NBN Group

The NBN Group
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Dynamics Partners Need a Solution

Simplanova conducted a survey among 22 countries all over the world to find out what problems Microsoft partners face creating reports in NAV.

  • 74% of respondents are spending 0.5 – 4 hours to develop 1 list type report
  • 65% are spending 4 – 16 hours to develop 1 document type report.
  • More than 50% of partners do not have a dedicated developer team for developing NAV reports, but using Simplanova Report Wizard you do not need to have a dedicated team.
  • Simplanova Report Designer saves up to 83% time for Dynamics NAV report building. Our tool is simple and intuitive to use and does not require any special expertise for special software skills.

Simplanova Report Designer meets the Dynamics NAV market needs and solves many problems developers have now.

How Simplanova Report Designer Works

The best way to see how Simplanova Report Designer works is to watch the demo video.

Simplanova Report Designer functionality:

  1. Simple Dynamics NAV report development.
  2. Compatible with NAV 2013 and later versions
  3. Works in the Role-Tailored Client.
  4. Portable (you can use it on any database, transfer both SRD reports and produced reports to other databases).
  5. Produces native NAV reports with RDLC layout.
  6. Multilingual (constants, captions and labels).
  7. Dataset designer (for data model design).
  • 7.1. Automatically naming dataset elements.
  • 7.2. Data compression (better performance, not to overflowing users’ memory, fully customizable).
  • 7.3. Automatic conversion of labels to captions and vice-versa (for dynamically changed language).

8. Layout designer.

  • 8.1. Preview add-in (visual representation of a report).
  • 8.2. Dynamics NAV classic report concepts – header, footer, body sections.
  • 8.3. Page designer concepts – grid layout (columns or rows), tree-like design.
  • 8.4. Simple section building (converting dataset items to sections and textboxes).
  • 8.5. Straightforward Report Header and Report Footer building (no VB workarounds).
  • 8.6. Section, textbox, picture, line and rectangle element types.
  • 8.7. Simple definition of group headers and footers.
  • 8.8. Transport headers and transport footers.
  • 8.9. Aggregate functions (sum, count, average, running value).
  • 8.10. Customizable elements (fonts, sizes, colors, padding, borders).
  • 8.11. Dynamic visibility expressions (for hiding sections and textboxes).
  • 8.12. Simple element placement using group elements.
  • 8.13. Element floating (to left, right or center of parent element).

9. Request page designer.

10. C/AL code designer (compatible with all triggers, variable types and custom functions).

11. Unit of Measure of your choice (centimeters and inches).

12. Dynamics NAV report conversion to SRD format.

13. Advanced features:

  • 13.1. VB expressions (for source, visibility, styling).
  • 13.2. Top/Left coordinates.
  • 13.3. Report Header, Report Footer and Report Body section properties.

14. Support

15. User Manual

We are providing some screenshots from Simplanova Report Designer –  Dynamics NAV report designer to get you better impression about our tool. 


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